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Success Rallies

Topics include:

  • Attitude Adjustment
  • Selling Systematically
  • That First Impression
  • Body Language
  • Steering The Customer
  • Developing Customer Trust
  • Product Presentation
  • Neutralizing Customer Excuses
  • Closing Sales
  • Add-On Sales
  • Cultivating Relationships
  • Establishing and Maintaining Your Image
  • Super Salespersonship Success Traits

Attitude Adjustment:
Salespeople must rise above personal obstacles, colleague conflicts, customer rejection, management pressure and more. In this Rally, you discover how to remain lighthearted and laser-focused even when you're having a difficult day.

Selling Systematically:
Our 9-Step Selling System (Pro-Active, No-Pressure selling) replaces moods and mind-sets with a blueprint for success. This Rally brings to light the necessity of repeating this "behavior blueprint" with every customer, regardless of preconceived notions or unfavorable conditions. We show you how and why to forgo pre-judging customers and consistently follow this sure-fire Selling System.

That First Impression:
First impressions are lasting impressions and you only get one chance to make one. At this Rally, we demonstrate first impressions that catch the customer's buying attention and ways to re-instill that winning impression throughout the sale.

Body Language:
Where you position yourself, how you stand, how close you are to customers, and how you respond when you get too close are all key elements in the selling game. At this Rally we explain the meaning of body language so that every customer is comfortable with you every time.

Steering The Customer:
Someone is always in the driver's seat and too many salespeople perceive the driver to be the customer. But customers are not trained to ask the proper questions and often do not recognize important product features and benefits. Customers are also frequently intimidated by salespeople and tend to avoid them. At this rally, we go through the "road rules" of how to firmly establish you in the driver's seat and "steer the sale".

Developing Customer Trust:
A customer's trust in your company, your merchandise, and in you must be developed. It's not automatic. In this Rally, we lay out how to set the foundation of that trust and then build upon it so your customers can buy with relaxed confidence.

Product Presentation:
In this Rally, we explore methods of presenting pertinent details to customers that assist them in making informed choices without pressure. Product presentation must be factual rather than opinionated or exaggerated. We prepare you for customer feedback and appropriately handling the full gamut of their responses.

Neutralizing Customer Excuses:
Neutralizing customer excuses with sensitivity and acuity distinguishes genuine salespeople from clerks and order takers. Every salesperson hears "I'm just looking", "I'll be back", "I want to think about it", and a myriad of other excuses. Most salespeople react improperly and lose the sale. This Rally details exactly what to say and do to relieve the pressure at this critical point and secure the sale.

Closing Sales:
Knowing the appropriate timing and protocol in asking for payment is a crucial ingredient in selling success. If it is done too early, too late or awkwardly, it is uncomfortable and can create poor results. In this Rally, you learn to discern precisely how and when it is favorable to finalize the sale.

Add-On Sales:
More sales are missed at the register than on the sales floor. Weak attempts such as "Will that be all?" or "Will there be anything else?", don't cut it. A customer who is already purchasing something is seven times more likely to buy something else than a new customer is to buy anything at all. The right words, said in the right way, at the right time will fill the till, big time! Doing what's in this Rally can double your sales.

Cultivating Relationships:
How do you turn a customer of the moment into a customer for life? "Life customers" not only return to your store, they send you business. This Rally illustrates how to pro-actively sell to your customers throughout the year as they buy for holidays, special occasions, or for the sheer pleasure of purchasing.

Establishing and Maintaining Your Image:
Disney has an image that sweeps the scale from cartoons to theme parks to its retail stores. You can, too. This Rally illuminates the possibilities of such an image for you and explains how to internalize and then externalize it. In one way or another, your image always touches your customers. This Rally ushers you into your potential to touch them with an enduring and uplifting experience.

Super Salespersonship Success Traits:
It's no coincidence that certain salespeople excel month after month. This Rally identifies the classic traits that give rise to such exceptional achievement. Everyone contains and can cultivate these "seeds of greatness". You can, too. As you embody these 10 super salespersonship success traits, your sales will shift into warp speed.

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