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Sales Coaching

  • Pro-Active, No-Pressure Selling Classes
  • Demonstrations and Observations
  • Instruction
  • Consultation
  • Job Security Incentives
  • Individual Incentives
  • Team Incentives
  • Company Goals
  • Personal Goals
  • Goal Tracking

Pro-Active, No-Pressure Selling Classes:
Our Pro-Active, No-Pressure Selling System insures that customers receive the finely-tuned attention and information required for a mutually rewarding customer/salesperson experience. We present the classes for you (weekly or monthly, as you prefer) or personally guide you through the process.

Demonstrations and Observations:
We give live "on the floor" demonstrations in the use of our System with "on-the-spot" customers in your store. Your sales staff then sees first-hand that it works and how it works. We also provide an Opportunity Shopping Service where a trained "shopper" enters your store and records your effectiveness in implementing the 9-Step Selling System. This keeps your salespeople sharp and ensures that they consistently use the profit-producing principles of the Success Dynamics System.

How would you feel if you knew someone who had invested his or her life savings into a business and then handed over the keys to someone else who is unfamiliar with the formula for a booming business? It happens every day. Success Dynamics is the solution! We give you the key ingredients of "strategic salespersonship" for all of your employees so that you can rest assured that they are consistently "on the money".

We confer one-on-one with sales managers to discuss various scenarios regarding employee redirection and diplomacy. We also review the selling and tracking systems to ensure Dynamic Success.

Job Security Incentives:
If "keep your job" is the only form of incentive you feel is currently feasible for you, we prepare a program suitable for you so that your sales staff actually has an eagerness to achieve sales success. Management becomes a prime consideration in such a situation and we advise you of your most prudent and productive incentive options.

Individual Incentives:
There are a variety of choices available to salespeople that generally interact individually with a customer - including:

  • commission-only
  • commission-plus

We recommend a compensation plan commensurate with your type of store or business and enlighten you as to the laws concerning commission-only compensation.

Team Incentives:
Team incentives are applicable when more than one salesperson is attending to a customer. We formulate win-win, mutually profitable incentives that promote a team spirit to boost everyone's bottom line.

Company Goals:
Designating reasonable, reachable goals is essential to attaining them. We outline methods of mobilizing your sales staff and putting them in sync with your company goals so everyone scores success.

Personal Goals:
Often times selling is a solitary art accomplished without supervision. Everyone wants to satisfy "The Boss". Our techniques make the goal "The Boss" and catapult sales productivity to new heights by steadily satisfying "The Boss".

Goal Tracking:
If you want to consistently impact something, first measure it. For even greater impact, measure it more often. We offer many measurement tools that reveal how well your sales staff is doing with our System. Our multiple tracking systems highlight monthly sales, daily sales, and hourly sales and assist you to achieve record numbers.

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