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Opportunity Shopping
We have been Opportunity Shopping for our clients for many years now. Contrary to “Mystery” or “Secret” shopping, we are truly looking for opportunities to hold up as an example to others as well as missed opportunities. Ron hears that his evaluation at the end often times amounts to a training class. The idea is to get salespeople thinking, “Could this be a shopper?” Sadly most admit that a known shopper would get better service than a regular customer.

When every customer is treated the way a known Opportunity Shopper would be, sales improve dramatically.

Our job is to look for opportunities to be even better. We look for things like:

•  Greeting
  Was there one, and how long was it in coming? Was it sincere or robotic?
•  Selling Techniques
  Were you told anything about the store or the company before the merchandise?
•  Information
  We want to see if information was given freely, or did it have to be asked for?
•  Objections
  Was there an attempt to overcome simple objections in any way? What do salespeople say and do when told, “I'll be back”?
•  Befriending
  Are customers treated warmly and friendly? Would they want to return to your store, or recommend it to others?
•  Impression
  Lastly, was a sincere impression left by the salesperson?

The best retailers gain the most from an outside look. They realize that their habits drift sometimes, and they are extremely grateful for the “wake up call” when it comes. They also enjoy basking in the glow of a good report when that one comes along. Our shoppers tell us that they learn the most of all from these experiences. They are able to see little things that exist in themselves, that don’t look so good through the eye of the shopper. They see opportunities to do better.

Each Opportunity Shopping report comes complete with Ron’s comments at the end. It’s just like having a one-on-one training session with Ron.

Opportunity Shopping Example #1
Opportunity Shopping Example #2

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