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Pro-Active, No-Pressure Selling
Click on each step below and see Ron in action as he outlines the steps necessary for successful Retail Selling.

Step # 1 Greet
This step demonstrates the ideal greeting, using Ron’s “SIX KEYS” to a sincere, effective retail greeting.

Step #2 Position
This step gets you in step with your customers. Keeping your customer in the store is an essential part of making retail selling easy. Knowing where to stand and how to move in the store will lead to more sales.

Step #3 Speak
This step shows you how to establish control early on, and keep it. Your first words must tell your customers that you understand their mission.

Step #4 Tell
This step shows you how to make the trust sale before attempting to make the product sale. It allows you to tell your customers who you are, what you are, what you sell, and where it is, in a pro-active, no-pressure manner.

Step #5 Show
This step shows you how to impart specific information about merchandise. Your customer must realize that the satisfaction received from your product is more beneficial than the money spent.

Step #6 Overcome
This step shows you how to overcome objections and excuses like, “I want to think about it” and “I’ll be back”. Discovering the true objection leads to sales.

Step #7 Nudge
This step teaches you how and when to ask for the money. When your customers won’t say no, get them to say yes.

Step #8 Add On
This step shows you how to make every sale a bigger sale. When the customer, the merchandise and the money are all in front of you, think: “What else do I sell that this customer can use?”

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