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E-mail E-tiquette Made Easy
By Ron Martin
Hand Signed By Ron
$15.00 (Retail $16.95) 

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E-Mail E-tiquette Made Easy shows businesspeople and individuals alike how to use e-mail in a way that communicates professionalism and conveys courtesy to those who receive it. Through close observation, author Ron Martin noticed the different habits and methods people have in using email – some good, some not so good. This book differentiates among them for you.

There is no doubt that e-mail has dramatically altered the speed of communication and the way we communicate over a very short period of time. Everyone now expects instant responses, therefore forcing many individuals into hastily crafted replies, shortcutting, and rash decision making processes, often resulting in poor judgment calls.

By taking the time to apply some back-to-basics skills and bringing simple “old-school” etiquette to e-communication, this book illustrates how we can communicate professionally, concisely, and in a manner that demonstrates courtesy and respect.

"I have always been a firm believer in using proper etiquette whenever corresponding via mail or e-mail. My dad kept preaching that your letter-writing skills will reflect a great deal on your personality, intelligence and how you are viewed at doing business…

It’s very refreshing to see how Ron has managed to incorporate and blend “Old School” wisdom and etiquette with our more modern ways of communicating via e-mail and create a highly informative, useful and easy-to-understand book.

"I would also like thank Ron for his efforts in helping to preserve those special values that seem to have become lost in our modern world of ‘E-communication’.”
JURG MUNCH, Proprietor
David Paul’s Lahaina Grill

The Ideal Corporate Gift That Gives Back

E-mail is no longer a verbal shortcut. It has become formalized business communication, and should be treated as such. People are judged by the e-mail they send, and little things such as spelling, grammar, proper subject titles, appropriate CC and BCC, use as well as dealing with Spam are all very important. These topics and several others are covered in this new book just released by Ron Martin. At the bookstore price of $16.95 in hard cover it is a sure fire best seller. Special corporate gift prices are now available directly from the author.

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