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Ron Martin

Ron began his selling career when he formed a home party jewelry company, Empress Pearls, Inc. in Hollywood, California in the early 1960s. He and a partner started with no money and the idea of being the first company to bring 14K gold quality jewelry into the home. Almost 15 years later they were netting a cool million dollars a month in sales out of their own 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility on Hollywood Boulevard to 100 company offices, and thousands of salespeople from coast to coast. In 1981, Ron sold the company to his partners and “retired” to Hawaii for a life of sun and surf.

This is when Ron discovered the amazing world of retail. Says Ron, “Retail selling is the only place in selling I have seen where you can do everything wrong and still make some sales. What many retailers don’t know is how many sales that they are missing.”

Ron couldn’t help himself, and formed Success Dynamics to teach the art of selling to the “clerks” and “cashiers” that he found standing behind the counters in so many retail stores. His system, “Pro-Active, No Pressure Selling” is now embraced by hundreds of retailers. It is outlined in his best selling book, Retail Selling Made Easy. He has also authored Success Made Easy, Sales Management Made Easy, co-authored Public Speaking Made Easy and most recently wrote Email Etiquette Made Easy.

In 2001, Ron created the Morning Report which is currently playing a role in the success of more than 400 retail locations in 28 states and two countries. Ron says, “The Morning Report is the single most impactive tool I have ever come up with. It gets sales teams focused on store and personal goals without me showing up.”

Today Ron travels throughout Hawaii and the mainland USA teaching his system, and motivating people to try harder at whatever they do. Ron works with retailers, and shopping centers both large and small as well as restaurants and direct sales organizations. He is regularly asked to speak at national conventions for numerous organizations. His mission statement, “We Make Success Easy” is at the core of everything he does.

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